For far too long, humanity has operated under the illusion of being masters of nature, seeking to control it rather than coexist. In return for its abundance, we’ve often repaid nature with pollution, chemicals, and excessive carbon emissions. Every day, headlines highlight the crises facing our environment, biodiversity, and climate. The forecasts for the future of our planet and human beings are discouraging. A new term “climate anxiety” has appeared. The young people suffer from discouragement and dissatisfaction – and not least a lack of hope for the future. —this phenomenon is global.

At this conference we will set a different agenda. We want to put a different perspective and defy pessimism! Rather than succumbing to climate fears, we choose to embrace hope. Through the lens of theology, we will illuminate and discuss what it means that we humans ourselves are nature, embedded in nature and dependent on it.  This exploration will delve into how this understanding reshapes our self-perception, our role in the world, and our inherent responsibilities and  limitations in relation to nature.

We hope that you will take the trip to Denmark in June 2024 and learn more about all these important questions with us!

We look forward to being with you and to welcoming you to CEUC 2024 in Denmark.