The charming town of Skærbæk is nestled along Denmark’s west coast, offering excellent public transportation options for your arrival. We would love to assist you, providing guidance on reaching Denmark and navigating the country. Whether it’s trains, buses, or taxis from the airport, won’t hesitate to reach out.

As the event approaches, we can even assist in organizing shared taxi pickups among attendees, with costs to be shared among participants. We look forward to making your travel experience as smooth as possible.

Traveling in Denmark

When traveling in Denmark, you may encounter Danish terms and letters.

If you are using a non-Danish keyboard, here’s how to type the danish characters:

For “æ” press ae.
For “ø” press o.
For “å” press aa.

Common Travel Terms

CPH lufthavn: Copenhagen Airport
Skærbæk St.: Skærbæk Station

Planning journey and purchasing tickets
We recommend using the app ‘RejseBillet’ for planning internal transportation in Denmark.
Use the guide below to install the app, set it to English, organize trips with public transport, and purchase tickets.

1. Download app

1) Download the app “Rejsebillet” from App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Change language

1) Press profile.
2) Press “Sprog”.
3) Select english

3. Plan journey

1) Choose “Ticket – From A to B”.
2) Enter your current and final destination and press the green button.
3) Press “journey details” for a description of your journey.

4. Purchase tickets

1) Once you have entered your current and final destination, press “select”.
2) Click the box to accept the terms and conditions.
3) Pay by registering a card to your phone.

Google Maps
You can Google Maps to find specific places and for planning internal transportation in Denmark. Here are a few examples of places you can find using Google Maps:

  • Skærbæk Center: Your conference venue is easily locatable on the map.
  • Train station: Identify the nearest train stations by searching “train station”.
  • Supermarked: Identify the nearest supermarked by searching “supermarked”.

Traveling to Denmark

By public transport
Good public transports are available in and to Denmark, with “Skærbæk station”/”Skaerbaek station” just a brief 10-minute stroll away from the conference center.


Public transportation from Hamborg Central Station to Skærbæk takes approximately 4,5 hours.


Public transportation from Amsterdam Central Station to Skærbæk takes approximately 9 hours.


Public transportation from Stockholm Central Station to Skærbæk takes approximately 9 hours.


Public transportation from Oslo to Skærbæk takes approximately 12 hours.

For those opting to drive, the conference venue provides complimentary parking facilities, including charging stations for electric vehicles.

By air

Billund Airport

Transportation from Billund Airport to Skærbæk by car takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Using public transportation will take around 3 hours. Therefore, we recommend coordinating a shared taxi to Skærbæk Centret for your convenience.

Hamborg Airport

Public transportation from Hamborg Airport to Skærbæk takes approximately 5 hours.

Aarhus Airport

Public transportation from Aarhus Airport to Skærbæk takes approximately 4,5 hours.

Copenhagen Airport

Public transportation from Copenhagen Airport to Skærbæk takes approximately 4 hours.