Welcome to the CEUC 2024 Program!

Explore the exciting lineup of events and sessions we have prepared for you throughout the week! Below, you’ll find the detailed schedule outlining each day’s activities, workshops, and special events. Get ready for an enriching experience filled with learning, networking, and inspiration. We look forward to seeing you there!

At this page, you can access the program with specific schedules for the week and find detailed descriptions of our activities throughout the week.

For more information about workshops, excursions, and keynote speakers:
Please visit our dedicated pages Workshops and Excursion and Keynote Speakers.

June 10th15.00 – 16.30Check-in
16.30 – 17.30Welcome and Opening Ceremony
18.00 – 19.30Welcome drinks and dinner
20.30 – 21.30Communal singing
w. Rasmus Skov Borring
 21.00 –Leisure Time
June 11th07.30 – 08.30Breakfast
08.45 – 09.15Morning prayer / Morning devotion
12.00 – 13.00Lunch
13.30 – 15.30Keynote speak
w. Cecilie Rubow
16.15 – 17.45General Assembly
18.00 – 19.00Dinner
19.30 – 23.00European Market
June 12th07.30 – 08.30Breakfast
09.00 – 11.00Keynote speak
w. Hanne Dahl & Ingrid Ank
11.30 – 19.30Excursions
19.30 – 23.00Dinner
June 13th07.30 – 08.30Breakfast
08.45 – 09.15Morning prayer / Morning devotion
09.30 – 11.30Keynote speak
w. Søren Holst
12.00 – 13.00Lunch
13.30 – 15.00Workshops
15.00 – 17.00Leisure Time
17.30 – 01.00Dinner Party
June 14th07.30 – 08.30Breakfast
08.45 – 09.15Morning prayer / Morning devotion
09.15 – 10.00Check-out
10.15 – 11.45Workshops
12.00 – 12.45Closing Ceremony
13.00 – 14.00Lunch

Communal singing – Monday at 19.30-21.00 with Rasmus Skov Borring

Join us as we delve into the heart of Denmark’s cherished tradition of “fællessang”, or communal singing. In this uplifting session, we’ll come together to harmonize and share in the pure joy of music. Let’s celebrate the spirit of togetherness as we raise our voices in unison, creating beautiful melodies that resonate with the soul. Experience the warmth and connection that comes from singing in communal as we honor this treasured Danish cultural practice.

Leading us in this inspiring session is Rasmus Skov Borring, a pianist, composer, and lecturer, with a Master’s degree in Modern Culture and Cultural Communication from the University of Copenhagen. In 2019, Rasmus was awarded the N.F.S. Grundtvig Prize for his outstanding work in promoting Denmark’s community singing tradition. From leading large-scale community singing concerts at the Royal Danish Theatre to his diverse discography and contributions to various songbooks, Rasmus Skov Borring continues to inspire and uplift through the power of music.

In Denmark, we proudly refer to our collection of hymns and folk songs as “the Danish song treasure.” These compositions are renowned for their profound poetic quality, making them beloved symbols of our cultural heritage. Despite our best efforts, when translated into another language, we may not fully capture the depth of their poetry, but we aim to capture the same joy and spirit that we feel when singing them in their original Danish form.

Morning prayer / Morning devotion
Most mornings will begin with a shared moment of reflection as we gather for our morning prayer/ morning devotion. They will be located both at the church and at the conference centre to accommodate everyone’s individual needs and preferences. Starting the day with a morning prayer / morning devotion provides a serene and uplifting beginning, setting a positive tone for the day ahead.

European Market – Tuesday at 19.30 – 23.00
The European Market is a cherished tradition at the CEUC conference, offering participants the opportunity to showcase specialties from their respective countries or regions. Attendees are encouraged to bring flags, leaflets, merchandise, and other items representing their chaplaincies. It’s a delightful occasion to connect, share stories, and savor culinary delights and beverages from across Europe. Refrigerators are available in the Cabins for storing perishable goods that require cooling. We eagerly anticipate a memorable evening of fellowship and cultural exchange.